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New Construction Homes

New Construction Homes For SaleSeems like New Construction Homes are popping up all over the San Fernando Valley.  If your dream is to be the first owner of your new home then you are among the majority. A recent poll showed that twice as many people prefer new homes to existing homes. CLICK HERE to search all San Fernando Valley New Construction Homes For Sale or used our predefined searches below


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The Pros

  • If you arrive early enough in the building process you will be able to choose your flooring, counter tops and paint so your home is customized to your personal taste.
  • Older houses tend to have smaller closets and baths and usually don’t have the open floor plan that is so popular today.
  • New Construction Homes are built to the newest standards in energy efficiency which will save you money in the long run.
  • These homes are often equipped with all the newest bells and whistles like speaker systems, home alarms, wired for cameras and security.
  • Working with the builder enables you to move in to a new home that is perfect for you

That All Sounds Great What Are The Cons

    • Brand New Construction Homes can cost about twenty percent more than a similar older home.
    • All those bells and whistles that you loved in the model home, well they don’t come cheap. The builder has a pretty big mark up on those special wood floors and granite counters.
    • For the most part these new homes are built on smaller lots so you won’t have the big back back yard of your youth or much space between you and your neighbor.
    • If the property is in a new development and you aren’t the last unit built then you will be living in a construction zone for a while.

Lots of things to consider before making the decision between the shiny new feel of  new construction or the homey feel of an older home. If you are thinking of new construction be sure to have your Realtor go with you to any viewings or open houses. If you arrive alone you will be represented by the builder’s agent.  Navigating the builder’s contract can be daunting and you want to be sure to have some one looking out for your best interest.