West Toluca Lake

West Toluca Lake Homes For Sale

West Toluca Lake How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

West Toluca Lake Homes For SaleHere’s a little info before you start searching West Toluca Lake Homes For Sale. West Toluca Lake is a little enclave nestled between Camarillo Street to the north, Riverside Drive to the west and south, and Vineland Avenue to the east. I have to be honest that it is probably my favorite neighborhood in The Valley. I have had the pleasure of selling many of the homes there over the years and have gotten to know most of the residents. It is probably safe to say the I have represented more buyers and sellers in West Toluca Lake than any other single agent.

Most of the original homes built in the 20’s and 30’s are still standing. Some of the most wonderful Spanish bungalows dot the tree lined streets. The main thing that makes West Toluca Lake a great place to live are the people. West Toluca Lake residents love their neighborhood and are not afraid to show it. Show up at their Annual Neighborhood Block Party and see for yourself.

West Toluca Lake Homes For Sale
The average sales price for a single family home In West Toluca Lake is $1,611,281. The average sales price for a condo or townhouse is $5975,000.