The Grove

The Grove Studio City

Long before there was a retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles by this name “The Grove” was a cozy, coveted little corner of Studio City with tree lined streets and friendly neighbors. Homes in the Grove Studio City hardly ever came on the The Grove Studio Citymarket because no one wanted to leave. Part of the appeal is its location. It is spitting distance to both CBS Studios Radford and all the shopping and restaurants on Ventura. Another reason it is popular is that it isn’t an area that is driven through by anyone that doesn’t live there ( at least on purpose). The streets dead end on the north side by a wall that restricts entry from Moorpark and to the south is the Los Angeles River (the Wash). And of course it is sought after because it is in the Carpenter School District.

The average price for a home located in the Grove is $1,861,500 for a 5 bedroom, five bath, 3,400 square foot home.


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